Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary

Uwharrie Vineyards has been awarded the recognition and designation

of being a  Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary by

Audubon International. After 5 years of research, documentation,  and

dedication to this goal, we are the first official winery in United States

history, to be awarded this designation.


This designation shows Uwharrie Vineyards' very strong commitment

to the environment, wildlife, and resource conservation.


Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries are private and public properties

that complement preserved lands. They contribute to the conservation

of resources and the protection of both common and rare plants, plus

the  wildlife and environment. This designation was achieved

once environmental practices were implemented in all core

aspects of the Uwharrie Vineyards operational program.





Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries serve as important

local and national demonstration sites and provide valuable data about

he economic and environmental results of environmental management.


During the many years of the certification process, a business

environment must demonstrate a high level of environmental quality.

Individual certification levels include environmental planning, wildlife

and habitat management, outreach and education,

resource conservation, and waste management.



Throughout the year as expected, we stay focused on our grapevines to make

the award winning wines that we strive for, but we also focus on our environment

and it's wildlife. We personally have constructed growing conditions of wild

seeds and foliage that our wildlife can enjoy throughout the year with

the correct nutrients that they need for a healthy life.


It's the best for both worlds because this food solution actually helps

our wonderful grapevines remain in almost full volume during our peak

harvest time. We enjoy watching a full assortment of wildlife live here

throughout the year with security, because we don't allow any type

of outside hunters or trespassers on our property.





We enjoy the wildlife activity of the deer, turkey, bats, turtles, and birds in

and around the vineyard area. We have document over 50 head of deer on

our property and this past year we experienced 97 blue bird hatchings.


 Our bat houses are also terrific to help manage the natural wildlife

security against insects for our grapevines at night and allows us to stay

focused on our environmental friendly philosophy of using the lowest

amount of chemicals and preservatives in all of our

vineyard operations. It's the best of both worlds.